The Firewalk, Your Mind, Your Reality

This page vitalizes your quantum mind… Isn't walking on fire amazing?! This page reminds you in dramatic ways of the role that consciousness plays in creating reality.

For Ted Ciuba, author of 101 Quantum Success Secrets, The New Think And Grow Rich, The John Gospel Code, the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series and lead guide on Quantum Mind Training, it all kicked into gear at a firewalk.

Here's his personal account…

I attended the firewalk wanting personal change, but really a spot fascinated at the spectacle I thought I might see, like attending a circus.


The concept of a Westerner walking on fire was new to me. I mean, the Kalahari Kung in Africa, somebody on a far off Eastern island, saints in India and Tibet, wise ones in China, and indigenous peoples in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Amazon regions… those things that I saw on black and white television, I believed happened.

But they were no more part of my world than was bones through the noses.

A Crisp Night In California

We were high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern California on a crisp autumn night. We still had our sneakers on, but, in the midst of experienced firewalkers, there was a quiet reverence as we built the bonfire from big stacks of firewood that had been trucked in earlier in the day.

I couldn't explain it at that time, but I now know we were already inside the cocoon of the quantum field. It felt like the holiness and respect inside a silent ancient European cathedral.

When finished, we had wood stacked as high as the tallest person in the group could reach. Then, with the same reverence we stuffed wadded up newspaper inside every crevice. The instructor pulled out an orange Bic lighter and lit the newspaper in 4 places around the bottom edges.

Tolly Burkan

It was now chilly, so there were 33 bodies crowding as close as they could to the little bit of warmth the fledgling fire was giving off.

After a while some of the smaller pieces of wood caught fire, and we felt comfortable around the campfire. The instructor, Tolly Burkan, seated us on logs in a circle around the fire, and began to talk about the powers of the human mind. About limitations and restrictions that we as societies, families, or individuals accept as a world view. About things that could go wrong. About the power of a clear intention…

And I remember a lump in my throat as big and as hard as a Yankee's baseball… While he was talking the fire continued growing. It was now intense! Everybody moved their logs back several times… I looked toward the clear night sky and saw flames shooting 22 feet in the air!

"Why did I ever brag?"

The heat was searing! The instructor talked on, and, even though he sought and received feedback and input, I had a terrible feeling…

  • Why did I ever brag to my friends that I was going to walk on fire?!!
  • It's NOT going to happen!
  • Dude!!! This is FIRE!! Fire burns!!! What was I thinking?!!

And then we moved further away from the flames. Even then I knew I was getting flameburned. I could feel that familiar feeling of the skin burning and turning red.

A couple 2-3 hours passed inside this alternate reality a handful of human beings had assembled to create on Earth… And we began moving closer to the fire. Feeling more comfortable. Then the fire simmered down to burning pieces and coals.

But that comfortable feeling wasn't to last too long…

The instructor began pecking at the fire with a rake. Everything he touched turned to flames. Then he formed the basic structure of a bed about 4 foot wide and 12 feet long. Then several rakes appeared, and all of us began taking our turn at reverently raking the fire into a glowing rhythmic bed of coals. That heat was the most intense heat of all, because we were forced into close proximity with the fire. We were bending over the bed – and heat rises.

Definitely. Fire burns!!

All the logs that where still burning were raked along the edges…

We were instructed to take our tennis shoes off, and the cold grass felt comforting. We surrounded the fire, held hands (that was reassuring) and began singing simple but profound songs. Songs with a spiritual significance. Like, "All this Earth is sacred." And I was thinking I could never walk on that fire.

Expanded Natural Laws

Until the instructor, Tolly Burkan, the same man who taught Anthony Robbins how to do the firewalk, walked to the head of the bed, paused just a second, and casually strolled the full length of the bed.

Seeing another human do it – then I knew I could, and I knew I would.

Then another person walked. We had been instructed to walk when we felt like it. And every time a person walked, their partners in the circle, opened hands to let them go, then re-joined hands and filled the gap. When the person walked, they joined the circle again at any point.

I'm not sure, but I believe I was number 7. People were surging to the front of the bed.

What I experienced was profound. It impacted me like nothing ever had before.

While it was not the very first time I experienced the expanded natural laws at work in my life, it was the first time I ever challenged them at command.

Aside. Those skeptics who try and explain away the firewalk by saying there's sweat on peoples' feet, that the coals aren't hot, yadda, yadda, yadda, are laughable. How come accidentally stepping on a coal from a campfire requires an emergency room visit, yet a stroll across a bed of searing hot coals can be accomplished in joy?

By the way, many scientific tests have measured and validated that it IS real fire, with all the properties of real fire, including temperatures reaching well above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Guinness Book of World Records records Michael McDermott walking across a bed at 1,813 deg F, as measured by a Fluke Model 51, k-type thermocouple. Brother, is that hot?!!

Yep. Fire burns.

The Role That Consciousness Plays
In Creating Reality

What the firewalk does is give one a visceral demonstration of the role that consciousness plays in creating reality.

Fire burns. That's a fact.

  • Yet those people who put themselves in the right place, who intend and will to walk safely, can in fact do it!

That's what happened to me that strange night so many years ago. That's the insight I had into the power of the mind in affecting, creating, and delineating reality.

That's the message of the firewalk, and it has profound implications for anyone interested in creating wealth.

  • Think and grow rich
  • Thoughts are things
  • Consciousness creates reality
  • Belief trumps goals
  • Mind over matter
  • What you think about you bring about
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The mind-environment connection

g-trailertrash-huntercampertrailerThe role of the mind in creating wealth has been my constant research and practice since that day. It worked for me. I went from hiding out from creditors in a $500 12-foot, single-axle camper trailer parked on the county line, which is exactly where I was when I first firewalked, to starting an Internet business with a free online ad, to making millions circling the globe in the business I founded, World Internet Summit, the largest and longest running entrepreneurial internet marketing training organization in the world.

g-dancingted-wisuk06cMy feats at taking strangers at random from a crowd and making them tens of thousands of dollars within hours are legendary.

But that's not the important thing here.

The important thing is that, taking everything I've learned, combining forces with the world's top subconscious sound engineer, Mike Gardiner, this is the realm of power we lead you into in Quantum Mind Training so that you change material reality with the power of your consciousness, accomplishing whatever it is you have your heart set on.

You are about to experience a neural repatterning process based on The NEW Think and Grow Rich, guided by words, music, sounds, effects, timing…g-tntagr-quantumver-front-display

Of a thousand and one technological subconscious marvels combined with the sophisticated neurolinguistic programming styled by the leading practitioner, Dr Milton Erickson.

As you enter the cornucopia realm of wealth and fulfillment in all dimensions of richness, you undergo an actual neural repatterning in which you acquire the magical power to create wealth and well-being at will.

That's what the firewalk teaches…

That there IS a connection between the mind and what appears in "reality," and that the mind can be used to create-manifest the reality it chooses.

It's all yours…

Triggering The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
And The Law Of Attraction

The self-fulfilling prophecy of creating reality is easy to understand, even for the Western mind steeped in the Newtonian physics of the last several hundred years.

Simply stated… Because you believe you will succeed, you then DO the things that are necessary to succeed, with the volition and energy that's required, and sure enough, you create the results you believed you would.

On the other hand, somebody else, who didn't believe, never took the appropriate actions with the right spirit, and, of course, didn't get those results.Like the clerk we've all seen who just showed up because they HAD to to get paid…

The Law of Attraction, however, is a horse of a different color to most people. Of course, that's a MAJOR part of what we teach and activate in Quantum Mind Training. The Law of Attraction affirms that the human consciousness connects with the things it holds in mind with belief and will, and attracts them to themselves.

When you stroll across a bed of coals that have scientifically been measured to be 1,000 – 1,800 degrees, you're witnessing the effect of human consciousness.

Can intending to walk safely change the outcome of the well deserved saying, "Fire burns"?

Apparently so.

And this applies directly to acquiring riches.

Remember, it's think and grow rich.

The think part is cause.

The grow rich part is effect.

What we're saying is if you can think, open up incredible powers that defy "normal" human reality, and walk across fire, then you can think, open up incredible powers that defy "normal" Newtonian reality, and grow rich, too.

Just as easily.

In spite of the fact that everyone knows it can't be done.

If there is a mind-environment connection related to the fire, can it be limited only to fire? Doesn't it make sense that what higher consciousness authors Napoleon Hill, Ted Ciuba, Earl Nightengale, Deepak Chopra, Tolly Burkan, among countless others, have been saying is true?

Michael Sky, a firewalker who wrote the book called Dancing With The Fire, says it superbly:

"People walk on fire as a way of graphically demonstrating…. that the human spirit can and does play a causative role in such change and re-creation."

"This does not mean simply that we create change through our deeds and actions [self-fulfilling prophecy], but that, in fact, we contribute to the ongoing creation of reality through the special medium of human consciousness. It means that our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds matter…. that our inner worlds are influential in the manifestation of external reality." (pps 15-16)

The thoughts, intentions, and wills you hold in mind – and not just "wish" for, but really intend, determine the experience you receive.

We're not talking about the firewalk here….

We're talking about the "mind-environment connection" that allows the intentful weal and wealth seeker to experience success in the same way the more graphically illustrated, more scientifically accountably methods documented by firewalkers do…

This is the quantum realm Quantum Mind Training neuro repatterning system takes you to.

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So far we've only just explored some of the background you need to understand, and therefore to believe, the mystery marvels of what's possible if you'll expand your thinking.

There's a whole lot more to learn about neural repatterning.

You want to know more, don't you, about how to effectively expand your thinking? Because that would give you the magical power to actually create the situations and conditions you desire by the advanced application of your mind. You might discover – never realizing before that until you were in the right psyche, you could never "see" it – the secret.

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