Structural Brain Change

Your Point Of Power

What generations of wealth seekers have dreamed of, YOU now have available!!

The marvelous miracle of this advanced Quantum Mind Training System is found precisely at this point of power…

The secret is this… If you can just find a way to bypass or distract the fierce guard dog of the waking beta mind so that you have a heart-to-heart with your unconscious delta mind and repattern it with your new world view you can have anything in this world that you wish for!

That’s exactly what happens in this amazing wealth-building neural repatterning system: you develop…g-tntagr-quantumver-front-display

A knowing belief of the ideas, concepts, and motivating factors of Think Rich™ philosophy at the subconscious delta level…

Which directs every movement you make, and the quality and effectiveness of those moves.

You’ll learn how to set aside the overly active, critical mind, and rest at peace and engaged.

Just follow along internally, and the success tracks of The New Think and Grow Rich are programmed directly in your subconscious mind.

You undergo structural changes in your brain that makes your new programs the ruling paradigm of the subconscious mind’s evaluative faculties.

In other words, your neuro-computer has been given a new way to process data. Of course you get different results.

Instant, Effortless, Permanent Change In Your Subconscious!

In the remarkably short time span of 22 minutes (1 session with Quantum Mind Training), even if you’ve lived with limiting programming for forty years, you begin the process of change!

A regular daily listening program of 90 days does an extreme makeover of your psychic wealth profile, and you, too, think the thoughts millionaires think, do the deeds millionaires do, and, quite naturally, become a millionaire yourself!

As you listen to these neural repatterning sessions with a participative mind and heart you are infused with The New Think and Grow Rich philosophy at your inner core level!

You are changed at depth;
you become a different person.

Structural Brain Change

Unless you’ve long been a student of human potential, healing, and the human mind, what follows next could sound incredible.

However, it’s fact proven in the scientific labs of non-other than the esteemed Stanford University.

When you experience an “enriched environment” rather than an “impoverished environment, the brain does physically change, also.

There is more mass. The brain weighs more. It’s more complex. While it’s hard to do the same type of precise brain experiments with humans as it is with rats and mice, the principles are identical. Actually, everything is amplified when you step into the human realm.

Human, the animal with a mind. Our greatest capacities, breakthroughs, and contributions come from using our minds. The moment session #1 of Quantum Mind Training begins, you’ve forever left behind an impoverished mental environment.

When you experience the enriched mental environment of Quantum Mind Training, your neurons join up in new ways and make better, stronger connections… The neurons physically develop more insulation in the myelin sheath, they become robust conductors of electricity…

Their words are you undergo a “structural brain change.”

A synonymous term speaks of “brain plasticity.”

You develop more motive power as you strengthen the synaptic jumps of the sparking electrical power in your brain.

You acquire a vision and make choices you never had access to!

The attitudes, skills, and behaviors of the rich are programmed into the operating system of your Self.

You experience new highs of creativity, and your word becomes law!

You trigger the Law of Attraction

You encounter more synchronicity in your life – chance meetings, material assistance, situations, events, circumstances, revelations, hunches, brilliant ideas that speed you to success become normal and expected, rather than being isolated mind-blowing experiences.

You are definitely and without any doubt in the powerful quantum alternate reality!

It’s a powerful state. You are regenerated!

Which gives more power and force to your images of wealth, well-being, contribution, and accomplishment!

Once this is done, it is not possible to go back to the old programs that did not serve you, because those old connections simply do not exist! The brain cannot function in those limited ways any longer!…

You simply ARE a different, empowered person.

And once the self-image is changed – who you are, what you stand for, what you believe, actions and results are changed.

You are a being of unlimited potential, awaiting only the spark of  insight, the plan, the courage, and action to get inevitably rich!

But you must reprogram yourself first, can’t you see?

  • When you believe you are an unlimited being…
  • Then you see it.
  • (Not before.)

Don’t you think it’s about time you start believing in your ultimate potential?!

Quantum Mind Training

“The next best thing to being born rich!”

The entire point about neural repatterning is that you get it!

The only way you ever get it, is when you actually DO get it, as a subconscious, cellulr level…

At a level that makes it instinctual.

That change must come about at depth, in the same level in which it operates, the delta depths of the SubConscious.

Trying to change with the critical, analytical, conscious mind, no matter how well-intentioned, is like painting stripes on a horse and believing you’ve got a zebra…

It’s different in Quantum Mind Training.

Each session starts…

  • Carefully researched and engineered music plays…
  • Vibrations and various sounds begin to relax you…
  • Your brain wave patterns begin synchronizing….
  • Then you hear the voice of Ted Ciuba, lead coach and therapist, gently begin speaking…

Unless you’re purposefully resistant, which there wouldn’t be any need for, you find yourself quickly and easily enjoying a deep, relaxing state, more comfortable than dozing in a cloud.

Then your subconscious mind is open to entertaining new ideas…

Wealth Makeover

Then you experience the transformational magic in the proven principles embedded in The New Think and Grow Rich coupled with the advanced neurosynergist sound technology®.

You effectively  reset and repattern the programs and the data encoded in your brain wave patterns, so that you literally become a new, stronger person…

And your subconscious – now reprogrammed – does its job with a new, ambitious, success-minded paradigm of possibility.

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Now that you know what you need is a structural brain change, let’s introduce you to the amazing technology behind the system that creates that structural brain change.

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