Samples from “Passion” principle of Quantum Mind Training!

“Discover Transformation In Amazing New
‘Quantum Mind Training’!”

Tune into 6 samples from the “Passion” principleMarvel as you experience
Quantum Mind Training!

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Also Note:

These are short, isolated sound clips, and low-quality internet streaming audio samples.

But all of that is okay, because our purpose is not to do any neural repatterning here, but rather to share examples of a few of the neurosynergist sound technology® techniques described more fully on the product description site at Quantum Mind Training

They’re short enough to give you a good flavor of what you receive, quickly.

They’re long enough to introduce you to the amazing change technology of the neurosynergist® sound technology.

Delight your achievement and manifestation senses experiencing this.


Sample #1 – Soothe Beginning (01:36)

Some of the kool stuff to note…

  • Begins the relaxing / repositioning process immediately with alpha brainwave entrainment music
  • Ocean waves bring primal attunement
  • Hypnotic voice intros subject of session
  • Word compression engages subconscious mind – notice the ending word…

Sample #2 – Intensify and Transfer Technique (01:33)

Some of the kool stuff to note…

  • Neurolinguistic technique of recall, intensify and transfer takes your own passionate feelings, builds them, and connects them to your definite chief aim
  • Presumptive technique, “as you breath deeply, with each breath that feeling expands”
  • Compressed cosmic waves align you to Natural Law at sublime levels

Sample #3 – Neurosynergist Affirmations (00:53)

Buy now you are now deep, deep in your inner self… Scientifically crafted affirmations speak directly to your subconscious…

  • “First person” affirmations: (eg, “I am engaged! I am contributing!..) trigger autonomic acceptance of suggestions
  • Enchantingfemale” voice connects you with your loving, nurturing yin genes, so you feel “full” to “go out into the world”…
  • Subaudible male voice balances out the yang, talking to you – complete the circle of influence for rapid change
  • Male and female voices weaving between the 2 tracks engage, balance, and integrate “whole-brain thinking,” priming you for the quantum leap

Sample #4 – Dolphins, Whales, and Neurosynergy (00:47)

Buy now you’re so deep you’re receiving cosmic aid from dolphins and whales!…

  • The calls of whales and dolphins engage your emotions and open your higher consciousness…

  • While a “primary” track runs… talking to you at one level… there’s another level running even deeper, planting positive suggestions directly into your uncritical mind……

  • Verbal-tonal variety fosters your assimilation of the wealth message, so you pole-vault to riches

  • Presumptive closing strategy. “WHEN you find yourself in love…” indicates not “if”, but WHEN, which your subconscious assimilates non-resistently as NOW…

Sample # 5 – “Fall in love!” (01:36)

You are now DEEP, DEEP, DEEP into your inner self… You are changing your wealth, fulfillment, and contribution programming at the wholistic core of your being…

  • Passionate, loving, energetic, vibrant, intense feelings associate with your definite chief aim so “it consumes your waking thoughts!!” So “You dream about it”

  • Voice distortion, in the midst of whales and dolphins, entertains and engages your subconscious in the deepest parts of your being, so, put off guard, it accepts the positive suggestions given it…

  • The creaking of the universe on its joints signals its response in quiet moments as the foundations of your new world move into place

  • Embedded command gives you the instruction to “Fall in love!” Purely transformational…

Sample #6 – Ending w/ Energetic Feelings (01:20)

Progressive re-entry into normal waking life…

  • Wiggling toes, fingers, breathing deeper… Moving a body part..  brings you gently back to waking consciousness, energized with productive wealth-building attitudes

  • Sample illustrates one version of the “rapid rise” technique Quantum Leap Mind Training utilizes, which blends the good feelings you’ve experienced into your “workaday” state

  • The clear snap of the fingers associates and becomes a trigger you can use to instantly energize you and fire you like a rocket toward your goals

Makes change easy, profound, permanent.


Quantum Mind Training (QMT) is the only neural repatterning system in the world based on the breakthrough manifestation discoveries of the holographic frequency reality quantum physics unveils.


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