Quantum Mind Training

Your accountant mind will love this page, because it lays out the full Quantum Mind Training System, describes what you get in blow-by-blow detail, and unveils the optimized training schedule which perfectly syncs with a simple “no-commitments, pay-as-you-go enrollment”, familiar with anyone who’s taken dance, music lessons, etc

Further, you’ll be so convinced what the experience of this amazing technology will do that you’ll jump on the upcoming crazy good introductory trial offer!

Full scrumptious details follow.

Quantum Mind Training is the only neural repatterning system in the world based on the proven 13 universal principles of success as presented in The New Think and Grow Rich using the cutting-edge, sophisticated neurosynergist sound technology®.

Elsewhere we detail the amazing change technology in neurosynergist sound technology®, here we outline exactly what you receive with the Quantum Mind Training System, and what that might mean to you.

The heart of The Quantum Mind Training System is found in the neural patterning audios. They follow the 13 principles of achievement, in them you find the summit of brain science  applied to your purposeful transformation.

The 13 Principles Of Achievement

Quantum Mind Training is an intense audio neural repatterning system which follows the structure of the 13 universal proven principles of success as perpetuated in The New Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version.

Session #1 Desire is the first step towards riches of any nature and is the single greatest determinant of outrageous success. It is the starting point of all achievement.g-QLMT-complete-300dpi

You experience neurolinguistic  programming technique identified as time travel

Wafting forward to the time of the fulfillment of all your dreams. You call up and live the life of your definite chief purpose fulfilled.

The imprint of these feelings tingle every ion of your nervous system as they heighten your mind-body connection.

You allow your SupbraConscious to make the perfect choices of fulfillment for you.

Session #2 – Knowing Belief – Studies show “self-confidence” is a top factor in business and personal relations… It’s more than that, however… In addition to being the self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s the electromagnetic transmission of subtle suggestions to other. It is below the level of awareness. Exercises lead you into that more highly charged state, then, quite naturally, your thoughts and actions move with more force.  You develop belief in the attainment of your desire when you tune into this element…

Shooting up like a rocket, you enter the ethereal realms… To discover who you really are… You are taken to the spot where “struggling” to believe is completely replaced with the vigor of knowing…  Knowing that the Universe always provides the physical equivalent of your thought…

Session #3 – Programming – When you get emotional and vakogëm -defined fully in chapter 3 of The New Think and Grow RichQuantum Version you become tuned to a specific frequency. That’s what programming your bio-computer does… Coming from a different “place” you naturally think the thoughts the achieving think, you believe what those who think rich believe, and your actions produce wealth, like the actions of the competent and achieving…

This powerful message repatterns your subconscious mind and connects you with Cosmic aid, removing your success from the arena of chance, accident, and timing, involving your creative mind in a process you direct to the specific end of the accumulation of wealth.

Experience a new dimension of focus and power!

Session #4 – Specialized Knowledge – Specialized knowledge is the missing link that keeps most of those in the masses chained to mediocrity. You need specialized knowledge to accumulate money. Knowing how to acquire the specialized knowledge you want and/or need, companioned with the “specialized knowledge of the rich,” which your program into your neural-electrical circuits in Quantum Mind Training, guide you in your own personal quantum leap.

Empowered in your connection with Infinite Intelligence you sort all things needful and beneficial for you to achieve your definite chief aim… You allow HoloCosm to do it for you, so you know it’s inspired…

Like wheels within wheels of an elaborate European clock… Task within task… Accomplishment after accomplishment falls into design with ease.

Session #5 – Imagination – This session contains the key to financial freedom. Napoleon Hill is oft quoted saying…

Napoleon Hill, Founder of

Napoleon Hill, Founder of “Think And Grow Rich” Philosophy

“Whatever the human mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

Truly, in this Quantum Mind Training session you go so deep…. You celebrate exactly the life you desire for yourself… for your family… for your friends and loved ones… The opportunities and adventures and experiences you now have access to…

Your Higher Self gives you your own individualized roadmap to success when you unleash your imagination… You visit the womb of your most magnificent dreams… Magic happens! An idea takes birth, and in the moment of conception sprouts vigorous roots that reach to the nourishment you need for success.

Session #6 – Organized Planning – This session helps you develop the  “crystallization of your desire into action” in a powerful, enduring way.

A definite practical plan is what you need to put into action to get what you truly desire.

“Organized Planning” takes you into a different level of alternate reality – which you’re ready for at this point…

Between Where You’re At Now And Where You Want To Go

You invite HoloCosm to impress you directly with the “fill-in-the-blanks” between where you’re at now and where you want to go

Your plans succeed, you soar ahead of the “supposed” competition… Because you’ve communed with your Higher Self and received the answer to the various aspects of organized planning – the big picture, the time line, your present action, the potential obstacles, and their “in advance” solutions, and an array of real world contingencies…

Session #7 – Decision – This session shreds the major cause of frustration and failure forever!

“Decision” takes you on a trip… Wafts you to a new place… Gives you the FEELING of something you may never have experienced before – absolute unyielding decision.

And makes it feel normal for you… So that the next time your inner resources receive the call, your decision surges to dominion.

After this session, paralyzing fear is a thing of the past!

Present causes are the seeds of future results.

Decision plants a cause leading straight up the yellow brick road to your own ability to create the riches you desire on the terms you want.

Session #8 – Persistence – Persistence assists you in strengthening the quality every wealthy person possesses.

Outstanding success in any competitive field is always the fruit of persistence.

Developing this trait should be among your highest priorities.

Other things being also aligned, with persistence you most assuredly will win, no matter how humble your beginnings…

Persistence comes easily to the individual with conscious, disciplined will.

Persistence can best be summarized by that long, patient, loving, knowing nurturing, weeding, tending, admiring, and etcetera that goes on during the long, crucial period between the planting of the seed and the joy of its harvest.

Without persistence… Un-welcome to the world of the unfulfilled…

Many, many tragic losses are recorded in the angels’ rolls of “what was about to be” or what “could have been,” but for the person themself, well on the way, got impatient, didn’t see the results at their (unrealistic) levels of expectation, concluded it wasn’t working, and abandoned it, off to the next great project, to follow the same pattern again…

Quantum Mind Training electrically etches new circuits, so that you have the appropriate patience you must develop to succeed on a significant scale.

  • You encounter your own powerful, primal force of persistence, and you feel the heat, grime, and smoke as you stoke the fire bigger!
  • You develop an enthusiasm that meets each “obstacle” as a springboard to greater and greater heights in your career!
  • You develop amazing resilience and power

Session #9 – The MasterMind – This session develops the essential secret for success in the accumulation of money.

You put yourself in an inspired MasterMind group of people who’s sole purpose and intent is to develop your success… People to help and support you… People to help you transmute your vision of success into glorious reality!

You feel the connection, the bonding of love and productivity between your perfect life and this MasterMind group

► And you gather your Dream Team around you in the material world…

Session #10 – Passion – Truly, you are swept into an enduring state of passion to and for the achievement you seek with this, the secret that ensures your success before you even begin!

Hush!: Get it wrong here, and nothing will work right, anywhere up the road!

You absolutely fall in love with your self and your grand plans!! You fall in love with all the good you can do!

As you fall into passion with your definite chief aim in life, you find the “discipline” you need to achieve develops easily. Things are not hard to do…

You conform with understanding and will to the way of the yin and the yang, the two strokes of the pendulum, for perfect accomplishment!

Session #11 – The Subconscious- This marvelous session moves you into an entirely new dimension of life.

There’s a circle of life… Now, as automatic as breathing… every thing you do, every step you take leads you autonomically to the fulfillment of your dreams.

“As above…” – that is, as you think it so…

“So below” – that is, riches are a result.

Think about it…

When you rewire the neural pathways of your subconscious with the millionaire and fulfillment mindset…

You naturally take the actions and reap the rewards achievers reap!

Your outer world always eventually conforms to your inner world.

Session #12 – The Brain – In this session you tune up your transmitting and receiving station…

So that you both activate and receive from the Law of Attraction, so well presented in The Secret!g.thesecret

Wealth, however YOU define it, happens when you successfully insert the seeds of your dreams in that split second of stillness between your inbreath and outbreath… Between your outbreath and your inbreath…

It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Like a piano string coming into tune… you feel yourself tuning into your Cosmic right place as you feel the difference between breathing as a conscious act, allowing breath to happen, and being breathed!

You Becomep.moneymagnet2 A Money Magnet

The Law of Attraction charges the electro-physical circuits of your brain so you attract wealth like a magnet!

Session #13 – HoloMagic – This session unveils the miracles of the sixth sense and how you can effectively stimulate and receive communications from Infinite Intelligence…

This is the apex of holomagic things with The New Think and Grow Rich philosophy…

By time you get to this session you are ready to step up to the realm of HoloCosm…

Guided by the soothing alpha music hidden in the  neurosynergist sound technology®, you move into the groove… Into that alternate reality in which you trigger off synchronicity, serendipity, and intuition.

You come to and access powers you’ve only dreamed of before… You go to that special non-locatable place in HoloCosm where you and Infinity are one…

You are connected and the currents are flowing.

Your 6th sense springs into blossom

The 6th sense gives you the ability to simply open to the answers you need, and have them provided…

This is the realm of super achievers, writers and artists, and top scientists…

  • You are protected in all your ways…
  • Synchronicity happens in your life…
  • Contacts you need seek you out!
  • “Chance” meetings happen with regularity…
  • Inspiration and the muse feed at your windowsill!
  • Your business interests prosper!

This and more happens when you develop yourself to this point in the Quantum Mind Training neural repatterning training curriculum.


That’s the conceptual strokes of how Quantum Mind Training System is organized and presented.

And now, since you’re so eager, let’s get to all the valuable items you receive with your life investment in Quantum Mind Training!


What You Get In Quantum Mind Training System

There are 7 distinct parts to Quantum Mind Training, coming in 3 distinct components:

Introductory Component:

1. 1 Play Me First Audio

Prime Components:

2. 13 Quantum Mind Training Audios
3. 13 Quantum Mind Training Subliminal Audios
4. 1 Quantum Mind Training Workbook

Supporting Components:

5. The New Think and Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba book
6. The Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Quantum Training Sessions
7. Initiatic Comemoration

  • Personal Coaching with Lead Therapist, Ted Ciuba, Ph.D Limited time!
  • Certificate Of Advancement
  • Autographed physical copy of TNTAGR.  Limited time!

.Let’s look closely at each of these components in turn…



Play Me First Audio: “Journey To Freedom”

There’s no better way to describe this than simply calling it a mind and heart opener! It’s a trait of Nature… All of us are afraid of change…


Journey To Freedom

However, change you must.

In the self-growth field, there’s a satiric, yet true saying that goes…

“If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll keep get the same results you’ve always got.”

There is a proven way for you to get different results, and you can bet your tin whistle it’s by doing different things than you’re doing now…

This audio helps you embrace change, by learning to love with a “positive uncertainty” and letting go of old baggage, clearing the blocks to your rapid progress!

A very good preliminary exercise for you to do before you jump into your main event, the Quantum Mind Training audios! That’s why it’s called the “Play Me First” audio. It’s an experience all on its own. Value $47


g.hotnewsboy  “This is the MAIN event!”

Quantum Mind Training

This cutting-edge neural repatterning system – unlike anything else in the entire world – introduces structural changes In your brain, reprogramming the neural circuits of your subconscious mind with the 13 powerful universal principles of The New Think and Grow Rich.

You get a separate audio-session (mp3 format) on each of the principles, one-by-one.

This is the program described at depth in this special report. This is what it’s all about!

g-quantumleapmindtraining-2-completeThis is the cutting edge neural repatterning system that reprograms you, that actually makes structural changes in your psyche, cutting grooves that give you the beliefs, behaviors, and methods the highest achieving, most fulfilled, richest people on Earth use to create massive contribution and wealth.

Highly specialized, sophisticated outer space equipment is very expensive. So is sophisticated inner space eqipment. A fair market value on this technology is $4,997.

This breakthrough neural repatterning system changes you in the depths of your subconscious, a place where none of the popular alpha and brain entrainment programs take you to, at the level where you connect with the HoloCosm, and reprograms you according to The New Think and Grow Rich to have and express the attitudes, strategies, and skills of the highest achieving, most actualized, super wealthy.

Please note… Because you will be in an alternate reality, you may not remember all that happens during a session. (You may, also)…

Either way, it doesn’t matter… Because, like taking your car to the shop because the air conditioning isn’t working… You can tell immediately in the results whether the adventure is solved or not…


Expect To Feel Great!

Every time you return to normal waking consciousness – you have an entirely new makeup – one geared cyberneticly into the mission you, in your higher, moments have chosen!

While there’s some uniqueness to every user, every experience, you awake fresh, charged, and feeling like you’ve had a restful sleep of hours, though, in “real” time, it’s been just minutes.



The highly hailed, proven wealth program based on The New Think and Grow Rich using the highly advanced neurosynergist sound technology® consists of 13 holistic, multi-dimensional, quantum principles designed to stack one on the other.

This is a ninety day training / neural repatterning program.

Some object, wanting the instant transformations (or maybe single session) promised them by shady operators.

With a smile for such misunderstanding, it may be true that any habit can be changed within 21 days. But we’re not talking about changing a habit. We’re talking about changing the structure of your brain. That takes a bit more development.You’ll love every minute of it!

The closer you can keep to your commitment to the optimal repatterning schedule during the first 90 days of Quantum Mind Training the further and more firmly you’ll advance.

The program and its individual QMT sessions are flexible enough so that, once you go through the entire program a couple times, you can begin jumping around to the qualities or virtues you want or need, at any time!

The optimal regimen, which you adapt into your life and routine, spans the 90 day period.

Listen to each program for a week. Listen at least 2 times, 3-4 is ideal.

Then progress to the next level.

You may supplement your current training focus with an earlier session at any time, with quite beneficial results.

If you can’t make the full commitment or you can’t carry it out just now, you can’t. Move that direction is the most important thing you can do. Do that.



You didn’t think we’d leave you without giving you a program to effortlessly and at any time reinforce the life, health and wealth changes in a way that can be listened to casually, did you?!!

You also get! –

Quantum Mind Training


This is a TOTALLY SEPARATE Program!

These sophisticated audios are for environmental, or subliminal, programming.

Although designed as its own stand-alone program, this powerful program is the perfect complement to Quantum Mind Training.

In this special bonus you get 13 audios – one on each principle of the proven philosophy of The New Think and Grow Rich. Value: $249.


The “proper” name for the audios in this portion of the transformation system is environmental repatterning audios, rather than “subliminals.”

Although, for your ease of use and economy of space on your bookshelf each principle is packaged together – repatterning and subliminal – this is an entirely separate program from Quantum Mind Training, using an older, well-proven subliminal, entrainment programming process.

These are “subliminal” and “conversational hypnosis” audios, and as such may be listened to at any time, doing any task, to improve mental performance and to embed the principles of The New Think and Grow Rich in your subconscious mind.

They do not require your attention, and they pose no threat to your ability to drive a car or operate heavy equipment.

While it’s true, these tracks don’t guide you into the same interior processing the actual Quantum Mind Training tracks do…

They are not designed for intense repatterning.

You may multi-task and listen to these audios anytime…

  • When you’re working…

  • When you’re driving…

  • When you’re passing a romantic evening with that someone special…

  • Imagine it! You’re growing richer!

You can even put these on in your child’s room when he or she is falling asleep! Imagine the benefit you are instilling in your child! Imagine the advantages your child will enjoy in life!

You can play these at anytime! Convenient for your car, office, home, or any mobile device.

When you plug yourself into these sessions you automatically connect with the strong forces of your being that empower you to do what it takes to get rich… Indeed, to achieve more and to contribute more in any and all areas of your life…

Combining a regular listening diet of Quantum Mind Training with listening to the environmentals rushes you to success, and you can literally accomplish more in the next 6 months than you’ve accomplished in the last 20 years combined!

Get ready for it, you’ll enjoy it’s a gass!

Quantum Mind Training Workbook

Something as important as Quantum Mind Training deserves the extra attention this workbook guides you into giving it.

Educators have long extolled the learning benefits of writing things out

You engage an entirely new set of nerves and muscles when you take it from the brain to the body via the fingers. That alone greatly aids the integration and regeneration processes begun. You’re forced to spend more time going deeper… You’re forced into thinking deeper about the significance an idea, a plan, or following through on an idea or plan could have. You actually have a record you can refer back to in moment of forgetfulness…

This quantum workbook helps you fully integrate and real-ize the changes that are occurring in your mind into your world.

Quantum Leap Mind Training Workbook Speeds Integration Of Quantum Leap Consciousness

Quantum Mind Training Workbook Speeds Integration Of Quantum Leap Consciousness

It serves as a journal in which you can share and reflect on your experiences during the neural repatterning sessions

In it you scratch your first efforts…

In it you clean up and make precise your dreams, goals, and the plans you develop to achieve them. In it you’ll have a reference source that can keep you on track for the rest of your life.

In it you determine the criteria for your future wealth, happiness, and contribution to humanity. You never find yourself off track again!

In it you record for your constant energization the motivating factors and sayings you develop as you go through this life-changing program!

This workbook is an integral part of the Quantum Mind Training system. By itself it has a value of $97.

Not available in stores.

You might say that’s a lot of money for a mere manual. First of all, that’s a mere fraction of what you’d pay a consultant to lead you through the same material.

Secondly, this WORKBOOK, because it leads you through processing, real-izing and making concrete the changes you’re undergoing in Quantum Mind Training is arguably worth ten times that amount.

It’s NOT the paper and ink you’re investing in…

You’re investing in your prosperity!! It’s more sales immediately. It’s doing what you love. It’s working at home. It’s giving to your family everything they deserve.

In short, it’s results that count!

And, when you put the pencil to it…

So far you’re receiving $5,781 worth of genuine value in this high-tech personal change technology.


But wait! There’s more!

Supporting Components!

We want you to be immediately successful, so we’re pulling out all the stops, and giving you other tools that boost the change into your life starting instantly.

You get $2,372 worth of killer bonuses that can make you cash fast!



5. e-version The New Think and Grow Rich Quantum Version by Ted Ciuba

6. Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Quantum Achievement Package (13 titles)

7. Initiatic Commencement

Includes personal coaching, certification, & an autographed copy of The New Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version, by author Ted Ciuba

Let’s take a closer look at each of these additional juicy components.

You’ll be dazed and amazed at all the good things you get for FREE!


Component #5 e-version The New Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version by Ted Ciuba

This is the book that turned the self-development field on its head! The quantum modernization of Napoleon Hill’s success classic, Think and Grow Rich, into The New Think and Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba. $24.95 value.

So what kinds of changes can you expect?…g-tntagr-quantumver-front-display

Perhaps the words of the prestigious Midwest Book Review say it best…


  “This is more than just a revamp with modern examples – it radically transforms the vision by adding new gender, cross-cultural and international issues to the mix, including new material to include both science and genetics, as in the Quantum reality of accelerating income and wealth.”

“An excellent re-do of a classic financial inspirational guide.”

It is the philosophy presented in this book which forms the strong structure of Quantum Mind Training.

She’s all yours – FREE! Value 24.95. Comes in your third week of enrollment.


Component #6 – The Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Quantum Achievement Training Sessions

You are ready for a parallel advanced training program in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile.

Based on the premise that the history resetting breaking of the one minute mile happened not with extra time or training thrown at the effort, but to a mental shift in intention.

Each volume contains 19 quantum achievement training sessions. They are each “sub 4-minutes.”

Vol:  Title

  1. 001: Create Your Life By Design
  2. 031: Performing Alongside Others Who Had To Drag Themselves Out Of Bed
  3. 003: That HoloMagic c2 Factor
  4. 005: Same Winds, Different Direction
  5. 006: The Day Superman Died
  6. 007: Do Something Different
  7. 009: Celebrate Today!
  8. 010: His New Business Called Him On The Phone
  9. 011: The Mind-Environment Connection
  10. 015: What Do People Want Bad Enough They’re Willing To Pay For It?
  11. 018: Defy Reality, Re-Define Possibility
  12. 021: These Are The Prayers Napoleon Hill Prayed
  13. 024: The Law Of Action Triggers The Law Of Attraction
  14. 030: What If Elvis Said That?

Regular price for Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Quantum Achievement Training is $147.

It’s yours free. Further, even should you stop the program at any point, you get to keep everything you’ve received to that point.


Component #7 – Initiatic Commencement

  1. Personal Coaching with Lead Therapist, Ted Ciuba, Ph.D (limited time)
  2. Certificate Of Advancement
  3. Autographed physical copy of TNTAGR (limited time) (form) Think and Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba

Personal coaching with lead therapist is seldom available with Ted Ciuba, at any price. An hour over the phone could run upwards of $1,200. But all who complete the program get this one-on-one with founder and lead therapist, Dr. Ted Ciuba.

You’re important enough that he himself want’s to get to know you, to greet you, and to award you your “Certificate Of Advancement” through Quantum Mind Training.

He’ll personally make sure you get your autographed copy of The New Think and Grow Rich, which has sold for $1,000 on the Internet.

Conservative value: $2,200.

Product Sumup!

Goodness, that’s a lot of product! The total value of everything you get in this offer is $8,153.90!


So… How Much Is This “Quantum Mind Training” System?

Being as you you receive $8,153 worth of value in this amazing product, I’m sure you agree, if the program delivers on all we’ve promised you, that it’s worth every penny of $1,297 .

That’s actually quite a fair price, that others have paid… But you won’t pay that.

Consider that people pay tens of thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, and don’t get any monetary payback on it, I’m sure you can easily see the value of this program that eliminates all your old programs of lack and grooves in the proven wealth-building principles of The New Think and Grow Rich.

Who wouldn’t want this?

$1,297, by the way, is $1,000 less than what a name wealth coach would charge you for 12 hours of her time over the telephone, meeting once per week in a group. And after that’s over, then you’re on your own. Most people think that’s a good investment – judged by the return-on-investment.

You can listen to this program to become and to remain productive and financially secure all the days of your life! It’s a far better value!

However, though $1,297 is a fair value, every team member has worked to put this cutting-edge program into the reach of those who need it most, those just starting out… Or, it could be anybody in this turbulent economy…

So, after market testing that included actual sales at $1,297, $997, $777, and $497, we got your trimmed further to…

A mere $297!

I hope you can appreciate how drastic a cut that is, and it certainly may go up at any time. It will never go lower.

Quantum Mind Training is the only subconscious transformation program in the world based on the proven 13 universal principles of success as outlined in The New Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version using the patented neurosynergist sound technology®.

Further, the introductory trial offer is so incredibly valuable and inexpensive, you’ll jump on it – AND you won’t be locked in, on the odd case you don’t see the value…

The kool thing about your investment in Quantum Mind Training is it follows the optimal training regimen developed.

Quantum Mind Training System, describes what you get in blow-by-blow detail, and unveils the optimized training schedule which perfectly syncs with a simple “no-commitments, pay-as-you-go enrollment”, familiar with anyone who’s taken dance lessons, etc


Optimized Product / Bonus Delivery / Training System Synced

With Simple “No-Commitments, Pay-As-You-Go Enrollment”

Here’s the simple training plan. Each week you advance through another level. Ideal repatterning regimen, much like restructuring your spinal column with a chiropractor might, includes 2 – 3 participative listenings to the current week’s QMT “session” as you progress.

It’s a quarter long training / neural repatterning program, and your investments in the system perfectly match up with the simple, no commitments, pay-as-you-go enrollment.

The Transparent Print:

“Pay-As-You-Go” Enrollment: Your purchase today is a paid trial for the first 2 weeks of Quantum Mind Training (QMT). The token enrollment is non-refundable. At the end of the 14 day trial period, you will receive 3 additional monthly installments at $99 each, completing the repatterning system, as per the following schedule.

No Commitments: You may cancel further billing at any time with 4 days prior notice to any scheduled billing at the contact you receive upon signup. If you do cancel, you get to keep whatever you’ve received to point of cancellation.


Quantum Mind Training Optimized Training & Delivery Schedule

Feast away, accountant mind! 🙂

Level 1 of 4 QMT – Introductory Trial – $1.97

Week 1
  1. Play Me First Audio: Journey To Freedom
  2. Quantum Mind Training Workbook
  3. QMT Session #1 – Desire
  4. Subliminal #1 – Desire
  5. S4m: 001: Create Your Life By Design
Week 2
  1. The New Think and Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba
  2. QMT Session #2 Knowing Belief
  3. Subliminal # 2 – Knowing Belief
  4. S4m: 031: Performing Alongside Others Who Had Tl Dratg Themselves Out Of Bed


Level 2 of 4 QMT – 14 days following processing of level 1 – $99

Week 3
  1. QMT Session #3   Programming
  2. Subliminal #3   Programming
  3. S4m: 003: That HoloMagic c2 Factor
Week 4
  1. QMT Session # 4- Specialized Knowledge
  2. Subliminal # 4- Specialized Knowledge
  3. S4m: 005: Same Winds, Different Direction
Week 5
  1. QMT Session # 5 – Imagination
  2. Subliminal # 5 – Imagination
  3. S4m: 006: The Day Superman Died
Week 6
  1. QMT Session # 6 – Organized Planning
  2. Subliminal # 6 – Organized Planning
  3. S4m: 007: Do Something Different


Level 3 of 4 QMT – 30 day following processing of level 2 – $99

Week 7
  1. QMT Session # 7 – Decision
  2. Subliminal # 7 – Decision
  3. S4m: 009: Celebrate Today!
Week 8
  1. QMT Session # 8 -Persistence
  2. Subliminal # 8 –Persistence
  3. S4m: 011: His New Business Called Him On The Phone
Week 9
  1. QMT Session # 9 – MasterMind
  2. Subliminal # 9 – MasterMind
  3. S4m: 011: The Mind-Environment Connection
Week 10
  1. QMT Session # 10 – Passion
  2. Subliminal # 10 – Passion
  3. S4m: 015: What Do People Want Bad Enough They’re Willing To Pay For It?


4 of 4 Final QMT – 30 days following processing of level 3 – $99

Week 11
  1. QMT Session # 11 The Subconscious
  2. Subliminal # 11 The Subconscious
  3. S4m: 018: Defy Reality, Re-Define Possibility
Week 12
  1. QMT Session # 12 – The Brain
  2. Subliminal # 12 – The Brain
  3. S4m: 021: These Are The Prayers Napoleon Hill Prayed
Week 13
  1. QMT Session # 13 – HoloMagic
  2. Subliminal # 13 – HoloMagic
  3. S4m: 024: The Law Of Action Triggers The Law Of Attraction
Week 14
  1. QMT Certificate of Advancement
  2. Autographed copy of The New Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version
  3. S4m: 030: What If Elvis Said That?


That’s the entire package of Quantum Mind Training including the Quantum Leap Environmental-Subliminals.

It includes the Quantum Mind Training Workbook, all the bonuses, including 14 carefully selected training catalogs of The Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series, and, for those hardy souls who have developed and transformed themselves by progressing through the system, the personal consulting with author of The New Think and Grow Rich and lead therapist of  Quantum Mind Training, Ted Ciuba.

All that for the incredible value of only $297, which you don’t even have at risk, since there’s the introductory trial $1.97 today.

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“Is This A Lot Of Money?”

Do be reminded that, assuming you opt for the entire program after trialing it, the amount you’ll invest is at a HUGE discount, and is absolutely the lowest price Quantum Mind Training has ever been offered for…

Further, you are hereby notified this is an offer definitely subject to change, the required investment may be higher shortly.

The real question may be more the likes of…

“How many additional properties, cars, mortgages, products, coaching, etc, would you need to sale to make your investment back?”

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and business people, ONE good sale would pay you back many times over!

Many sales people

If you become more productive, quicker in step, more charged with good ideas that help your company earn money, how far away would that next promotion or a whole new company be?..

How much could that mean?

But it goes waaay beyond that…


“Go Forward In Time…”

Take a few moments to visualize your ideal future…

And the twist here is, do it AS IF you are already 1 year in the future. That is, whatever today’s date is, that’s where your exercise starts.

Close your eyes… Take several profound respirations, and relax… As your mind drifts inward, allow yourself to move forward on an imaginary time-line to one year in the future.

Don’t just fill it with what you think you could possibly bridge to from the way things are now… Because, remember, you are in the future… You engaged with Quantum Mind Training one year ago… Because of that, there have been dramatic changes in your life and affairs, and in those around you…

Reflecting on what has happened during the preceding year…

What is your life like? How is your life BETTER? What things have changed?

Take your overall pulse, now… How are you RICHER, calmer, and HAPPIER?

Which worthwhile pursuits did you direct your incredible brain to, and what are you particularly proud of having accomplished?

What’s in your unique life?

What has this system that applies equally to ANY worthy pursuit – career, writing, relationships, health, etc. – meant to you?

Learning how to consciously operate the law of attraction to your benefit

The ability to purchase the home of your dreams

More wealth and abundance than you ever dreamed of…

Travel to your heart’s content…

Your children’s childrens’ college education





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