How The Mind Works

This conversation warms up your scientific mind, and describes how the mind and its neural circuits work, the latest in sound wave technologies, and the phenomenon of “brainwave locking”.

It’s Not So Easy To Change

Your mind works like this: Your conscious mind is the guardian at the gate. Like a good watchman, it intercepts everything, takes a critical look at it, ejects the thoughts that don’t belong, and accepts the thoughts that do belong.

It’s tricky, however. Because unless you become very conscious, you think you’re being discriminating, when in fact, all you’re doing is following the dictates of your subconscious mind.

Remember, your subconscious is set up to “run you” automatically… It is programmed to do that. That is, you don’t have to think about beating your heart or expanding your lungs. That’s good.

Trouble is, it doesn’t ask you about your world view, either.

And it doesn’t ask you if the programs you’re running by are outdated and should be updated, either.

The subconscious, like a dutiful robot, does exactly what it is supposed to do. Your subconscious, being programmed like a computer, then directs the evaluations and decisions of your conscious mind. It provides the basis for your mental operations as well as your physical operations.

So you continue poor, fatigued, and aware something’s not right, based on erroneous impressions of limitation you received prior to the age of two.

  • Waking to the concept that you create your own reality is one thing…
  • Waking to the fact that you received the most lasting and most profound programming prior to the age of 2 is one more thing…

These are both necessary steps on the road to wealth recovery.

However, they are not sufficient causes of the change you desire. Because waking to the facts, and even determining it’s time to adopt a new mindset – and therefore create different results – all happens in the beta brainwave state.

And your original programming was laid down in delta.

Which essentially means you’re trying to solve a problem that requires a screw-driver and a pair of pliers with a fishing pole.

Not that anything’s wrong with a fishing pole, it’s just that it’s NOT the right tool to re-tool your subconscious mind.

g_tagrdeluxebibleversion Which also explains the dismal track record of “the book that launched a million millionaires,” by-the-way. I’m talking about that the much bruited book, Think And Grow Rich, if it has launched a “million” millionaires, and has sold over 100 million copies, it actually has a 99% FAILURE rate!

You’ll understand why shortly…

One of my Bransonesque friends describes it as, “You’re screwed!”

How To Read And Manipulate Your Brainwaves For Maximum Productivity

Let’s discover a bit about brainwaves… And a very important phenomenon known as “brainwave locking”.

The following chart graphically illustrates the frequency, or number of brainwaves per second, and the relative amplitude, distance between peaks and valleys, in the primary brain states: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Study it. You don’t need to memorize anything, but if you understand brainwaves, you can easily follow my train of thought.

Gamma. The gamma brain state is what is known as the super brain state. It’s the place of peak performance, it’s the place of flow – in which you get so involved in something you don’t even know you exist, in which you don’t even know you’re doing it, but you’re doing it… In which hours can pass in minutes. It’s an extremely creative state of 31 – 70 Hz (waves per second). It’s altered reality… It’s the orchestrated integration of all the other brain waves synergizing.

Just as a rocket ship shakes incredibly in the final moments of reaching escape velocity, and then suddenly finds itself in an effortless majestic glide with no resistance, the gamma state is characterized by focus, flow, and peak performance whereas the wave state it game from, beta, is a hectic, necessary, but not too insightful state.

Beta. You spend most of your waking, productive time in beta. It is the brain state characterized by the “hectic” frequency, that is, number of waves, 14-30 Hz, and the high amplitude waves, that is the relative heighth or depth. When you’re writing a check, filling your car with petrol, teaching your child, teaching a class, making a sales presentation, you’re in beta. When you’re selling a client, or learning a lesson a professor is teaching you’re in beta. When you’re answering an email you’re in beta. It’s the normal, work-a-day world of your mind. You know this state very well.

human brainwave frequencies chart

Human Brainwave Frequencies

Most people are only aware of this state – never having consciously investigated beyond that superficial knowledge of the marvels the brain offers for personal change.

Alpha. Most people who teach on the subject call the next brainwave state, alpha, a healthful state. Brainwaves are less frequent (slower) than beta, and of lesser amplitude. Frequency is 9-13 Hz. And it is very curative. It’s a relaxed, calm state. It lets your body processes relax and reorder themselves. This is the state you enter when you close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and imagine yourself on a windy, sun-bathed beach…

When you lie down like a baby in 12 inch grass with breezes in the warm mountain sun, and begin to doze off, that’s alpha.

Most guided meditations take you into this level. (And usually, this level only, until they call you back to normal waking awareness.)

Theta. Next comes the theta level, characteristic of deep relaxation, meditation, and much of sleep and dreaming. The process continues… The brainwaves characteristic of this state, 4-8 Hz, are even of less frequency than alpha and of still smaller amplitude. There’s much more peace and insight. It’s the state in which esp is active. Have you ever been lost in a day dream, thoroughly enjoying it, and whenever whatever called you back, you knew it was a very pleasant time, but you can’t remember what you were day-dreaming about?

What’s happening – and it’s the same reason why we remember so few dreams, even when we swear we’ll remember – is that, you experienced the dream or day-dream in theta, but you’re trying to recall it in beta. The heavier force of beta blocks out the lighter, more subtle impressions of theta.

Delta. Delta is a profoundly slow state of dreamless sleep, infants, and people with some brain disorders. It is the state of the slowest frequency, 1-3 Hz, and the state of least relative amplitude. It is also the state associated with Cosmic Consciousness, awareness and unity with HoloCosm, and the shaman and magical warrior. It is the state of non-ordinary, alternate reality.

This is the state in which you received your formative programming around wealth. And remember the wisdom, “As the twig is bent, so the tree shall grow,” is wisdom because it’s the statement of a universal law.

But There’s A Fly In The Ointment

That’s exactly what happens in most cases, of course. The twig is bent. The child prior to the age of two learns that it can’t have what it wants, and it lives with that programming all the days of its life.

Oh, no, don’t think that the child was knowledgeable about “money” prior to the age of two, he or she wasn’t. But a child is nothing but a bundle of emotions… A child learns, when it’s uncomfortable, to make noise. And to wait. After all, what else can a child in a crib do?

And have you ever noticed that – even as an adult – one negative emotional event can wipe out countless positive events? Thus you find people who were happily married for ten years that can’t remember (or admit to) a single moment of felicity. Or the moment, after a wonderful, romantic dinner, the single comment in the car-ride home that churns over and over again in your heart and won’t let you sleep?

And the child – even raised in a loving home – finds the time when its calls aren’t responded to. Finds the time when it remembers and longs for the sweet Johnson and Johnson powder butt, but is writhing in a frigid trapdoor full of revolting filth.

And,in spite of all the good that has passed, is impressed with the bad. It is much more emotionally impactful.

The child learns it can’t have what it wants…

Brainwave Locking

So, as an adult, when you understand that logic, why don’t things magically metamorphosize into the world of your adult understanding? Why don’t you put away childish ways and get on with the serious business of building wealth?

It has to do with the phenomenon known as “brainwave locking”. I promised you I’d speak about this more.

As a child, the structure of your psyche was formed in the more relaxed delta state. As an adult, you engage in most of the things you do in beta. That’s 4 levels above your original programming. Therein is the fly in the ointment…

To change in the delta level, you must BE in the delta level.

And there’s just no way for a normally sound adult to enter delta except in profoundly deep sleep – a sleep in which you’re not doing any processing

It’s Hotel California in reverse… Perhaps you remember the lyrics, “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave…”

It’s happening in reverse with your infant brainwaves, for all you do, you can’t get back into delta.

The best way to visualize what’s happening is to think about a “forcefield” like in StarTrek and other science fiction movies. The basic idea is that an impermeable, impenetrable transparent energy field is spread over an area they want to contain, such as, for instance, a city on the moon.

No intruders, no cosmic debris, no nothing can get in.

In the same way, once you leave infancy, and your brainwaves jump to the next or higher levels, you can never get back into delta. It’s like there’s an invisible forcefield keeping you and your energy out.

The result being, at the deepest levels of your being, you maintain the feelings and emotions you formed well before you had any ability to reason. Your subconscious values, judgments, and emotions direct all your behavior, even when you know better.

The only way you’ll ever reprogram yourself is by going back to the place you were at – in brainwaves – at the age of 2

And until the amazing new neurosynergist sound technology® came along, that wasn’t possible!

So you keep entering into business deals that go bad. You keep getting a promising job, only to get tired of it. You keep trying to make money on the Internet and you can’t seem to learn the technology.

You keep trying MLM, but you can’t get anybody motivated to build the downline that will make you a millionaire. You’ve invested in investing programs, but you’re just not a “numbers” person…

Now you know why studying about the phenomenon of subconscious programming, acknowledging that you received erroneous wealth programming in your formative years, and deciding to overcome it seldom works.

You are in beta “making decisions” about delta programming, but the forcefield won’t let you in.

This is also why it is so difficult to make permanent change by reading a book. You are in beta, but the tracks you MUST affect are far, faaar away, in delta.

This is also why, for the most part, guided visualizations don’t work. They take you into alpha – and that does have its positive effects – but behavioral change is not found in alpha. The tracks, the ruling structure of your psyche were laid down in delta.

It’s also why affirmations for the most part don’t work. Affirmations are positive statements you’ve adopted from decisions you’ve made, but you say them when you’re in worried beta.

It’s back to the painting stripes on a zebra activity. You didn’t really change at depth.

It must be noted that pertaining to both guided visualizations and affirmations I said “for the most part” they don’t work.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely tools, tricks, strategies to help….  As you undoubtedly know, many people made changes before the dramatic advances that made Quantum Mind Training possible. The truth is, however, many, many more have made the effort unsuccessfully.

Among those tools, tricks, and strategies are starting with a deep desire and triggering both the pleasure and the pain principle, using the present tense in your associated affirmations. Exaggerating the sensory input. Rich sensory input. Constant repetition, until it truly becomes an unconscious truth. Building a social network that will support you.

All of these things will work… And have worked. But the simple truth is they fail the vast majority of people the vast majority of the time.

Number 1: it’s a lot of work. Number 2: it’s a lot of work. Number 3: it’s a lot of work.

Until, finally, along comes Quantum Mind Training riding a white stallion.

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