Amazing Technology

The Amazing Technology Behind The System Is A Quantum Leap In Personal Change

Quantum Mind Training is the only neural repatterning system in the world based on the proven 13 universal principles of success as presented in The New Think and Grow Rich using the cutting-edge, sophisticated neurosynergist sound technology®.

When you combine the most highly acclaimed success system on Earth, The New Think and Grow Rich, with the scripting, the messages, the NLP, the experiences, advanced neural repatterning, the neurosynergist sound technology®, and the personalized touch of certified therapists Ted Ciuba, Mike Gardiner, and Dionne Gardiner…

You have the most advanced personal change program on the planet.Period.

Let's begin by suggesting that here your marvel mind will get some very special explanations and insights.

There's so much!  But first, let me introduce you to your genius dream team…

Your Quantum Mind Training Dream Team

None other than the international partnership of Ted Ciuba (USA), world's leading quantum achievement trainer-author of The New Think and Grow Rich, and 101 Quantum Success Secrets, and Mike Gardiner (AUS), world's top neurosynergist® sound engineer.

Additionally, after we were well into the project, Dionne Gardiner (Aus), Mike's wife, was welcomed to the team, completing the circle of yin-yang, to bring you the full program of change at depth. She is a star in delivering positive programming sessions in the holomagic realms of your subconscious mind…

P.S. Dionne is also the lead contributing author in chapter 10, "Passion" of The New Think and Grow Rich. In other words, she's in sync with this stuff!

p-tedciuba-mikegardiner-dionnegardinerThe three combined their talents creating the absolute cutting edge wealth neural patterning system based on the proven wealth philosophy as rendered in the book, The New Think and Grow Rich.

In this trilogy of skills you get the very best subconscious programming / repatterning that could be produced!

More Insider Secrets!

Get ready for massive financial change, but the vision, will, connection tuning Quantum Mind Training empowers in you impels massive change in each of the five compartments of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and fiscal. Talking about one improvement always will be merely tip-of-the-iceberging it.

In this quantum leap neural repatterning system nothing is not done on purpose!

Every word, every rhythm, every sound has a purpose.

It comes to you as the result of years of of study, research, and testing.

Thinking wealth and well-being from the roots of your subconscious mind is the only way to grow the fruit of wealth in the affairs of your life.

Fear, and living convinced genuine wealth is for "other people" is a sure way to attract it out of your experience. You've set it up. That you do it unconsciously, alas, doesn't change the outcome any…

When you put the headphone on with this amazing technology, you're coming at wealth-building from the Quantum paradigm, the realm of the mystic warrior Don Juan that Carlos Castaneda writes about in The Teachings Of Don Juan.

The Western science of quantum physics accelerates with Max Planck, investigating the makeup of the atom.

After decades of research, testing, re-testing, he reached the conclusion that there is no such thing as "matter," only energy in different states. Perhaps your ears have heard this many times… But when he announced, in 1944, "There is no matter as such" and "Spirit is the basis of all matter"… the world changed.

Max Planck, German Physicist, Founder Quantum Physics

Quantum is actually the perfect blend of the hard-nosed scientist and the enclaved spiritualist…

Embracing BOTH of these sensitivities, Quantum Mind Training is the only program that goes directly to your subconscious and makes profound, permanent, profitable change.

And you do it in easy, enjoyable, oh-so-pleasurable neural repatterning sessions!

Making your personal or professional quantum leap will never get easier than this.

When you change at depth you ARE a different person – you think differently, speak differently, act differently, and receive the achievement and fulfillment you go after in the natural outworking of events.

These sessions slide you down into that holomagic realm of the 6th sense of Infinite Intelligence…

The Magic Of These Enchanting Audios

Quantum Mind Training works because the lion's share of the communication is in the extra-verbal arena of communication… The meaning beyond the literal meaning of the words!

Overall the message is only understandable at the holomagic, subconscious, supbraconscious, delta level…

So let's talk about a few of the advanced technologies that enter into Quantum Mind Training.

You may not even remember what occurs during parts of the sessions, and just awake with a sparkling freshness and power coursing through all things you do…

That's okay. That's your conscious mind that may be drifting in and out. The subconscious is hyper attentive.


In nature, as noted in physics, there is a phenomenon where two cycles, when near each other, begin to resonate at the same frequency in order to operate more efficiently. Much like the strings of a piano begin to vibrate when a tuning fork is placed near them.

Much like a room of grandfather clocks tend to regularize to a single beat.

In this way listening to these specific combinations of frequencies in Quantum Mind Training gently entrains the rhythm of your brainwaves and your body. A harmonic resonance is created, and your frequencies move into line with the holomagic frequencies of the program.

But this is only one factor in Quantum Mind Training – this is just some of the foundational groundwork.

If Quantum Mind Training didn't go waaay beyond brainwave entrainment, there wouldn't be any news.

Brainwave entrainment is old, consistent technology, one that has a place in every personal achievement program, one we incorporate. However…

Other layers, devices, and effects take this already powerful technology and really "amp up" the effectiveness and put the pedal to the metal on the changes in your life.

Here's one technology you'll love!

Neurosynergist sound technology® (30 years ahead of it’s time) uses a complex mix of sounds and frequencies to target specific systems and functions within the body, creating biochemical changes in the brain/mind, that generate openness, receptivity, business acumen, and greater health within different areas and functions of the brain and the body – for better physical and mental health and manifesting.


First person affirmations give you the assumptive jump to believe YOU ARE SAYING THEM FOR YOURSELF!

Then, after the neural repatterning session, you ARE saying the positive affirmations!

The more you think and say these wealth-producing ideas and affirmations, the more you believe them – which translates to you begin to act on them as if they are real… And you make them real!

As you may know, this principle, principle #3, "Programming," is one of the 13 named principles of The New Think and Grow Rich philosophy – that's how important it is!

And these audios do all the hard work for you – creating the optimized affirmations, hypnotizing you, and planting them in you to bear fruit!

Subaudible Messages

These recordings contain sound waves that relax the mind and body, under which "sub-audible" messages are played. This means that the messages are at a frequency that the unconscious mind can hear and understand – but the guardian mind cannot.

Subaudibl" messages judiciously mixed throughout Quantum Mind Training replace your old beliefs with new, life affirming, wealth-building programs. This brings about changes in your external results because of the changes in the internal way you feel about the world and yourself.

There's a whole lot more… And you're going to get more, but here's an important point:

The Synergy

The synergy of all these factors creates a unique experience that gently and pervasively changes the old programs that no longer work and replaces them with positive, dynamic, life affirming beliefs that create massive positive changes in your life – seemingly with no effort at all!

Once you begin to use these unique, powerful neural repatterning sessions life simply begins changing.

It usually seems subtle at first, but shortly has a profound effect on the WEALTH events in your life on a daily basis.

Simply put, with the inherent neural plasticity of the human brain, available but seldom accessed, Quantum Mind Training reprograms you by restructuring and repartterning the electrical circuits flashing through your entire nervous system with the attitudes, strategies, and skills of the fulfilled, achieving, and well-off.

The reason why, after all, their results have been so dramatically different than yours, though we all live in the same world, is that they had that knowing belief in themselves, the ability to dream, and the passion to execute with flexibility and drive.

Riches, after all, in all domains, are but the result of specific causes… And those causes were set in motion by a mind. You can develop that mind.

There's more!…

Hey, the whole point of this program embracing Quantum methodology is that we facilitate you to make the Quantum leap one, two, or three levels!

Get ready for an ASTRONOMICAL upgrade in your outlook, your vision, your confidence, your drive, and your  result$!

Especially when you compound them over time.

With all the field-tested engineering that goes go into this quantum program, you jump entire levels of wealth awareness, ability, and execution effortlessly, bypassing boring progressive advancement, and jumping immediately into high-income performance!

Everything works together to distract the guardian conscious mind, and reprogram the subconscious with positive wealth-programming!

Not a sound, not a silence, not a word that isn't strategically placed to induce quick, enjoyable, permanent change in you, your wealth, your health, and your relationships.

Permissive Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Permissive therapy, developed by the wordgician, the 20th Century's most highly acclaimed clinical practicioner of and Father of NLP, Milton Erickson, removes all resistance, since it gives full control to the listener, not the therapist, allowing you at every step of the way to decide how deep you want to go into your interior self, how willingly you give yourself over to the explorations and affirming suggestions…

You'll hear this in empowering suggestions such as… "You may decide"… "When you find"…, "When you are ready"… "As you allow yourself to…"

Embedded NLP Commands

Embedded NLP commands slip right past the guardian conscious mind, and pierce to the heart of the subconscious to explode in high impact, life-altering wealth programming.

A Myriad Of Special Linguistic Tricks and Effects

Then there's other linguistic tricks and effects…

Each of which is scientifically designed to waft you very, very deeep into your interior world…

Making all positive change permanent.

  • Scripting – the actual first-level words that are "said"…

  • The mind-blowing, Quantum Mind Training exercises it leads you through…

  • The hundred plus positive, wealth-producing affirmations

  • There's deepening devices, like the double bind, which forces your mind into its deeper recesses…
  • The transference of a sensation in one part of the body to another, which tunes into your autonomic body, relaxes your body and mind, so the hypnotic suggestions pierce even deeper into your subconscious mind…

  • There's a judicious salting of "repetition" of instructions, opportunities, and affirmations, to make the reprogramming process complete and sure…

    Neural Repatterning facilitates structural changes inside your psyche

    Neural Repatterning facilitates structural changes inside your psyche

  • There's the device of "layering" – merging sensations from one event / time with another, which allows you to…

  • Set positive empowerment stimulus-response triggers, so you spend all your days jazzed on building wealth! You "program" events happening in the outside environment to trigger you into resourceful, holomagic, no-nonsense wealth-building states

  • Stories distract the conscious guardian, and programs the subconscious to build the plan you need to acquire your own riches!

  • Metaphors delight your conscious mind, and instruct your subconscious mind

  • Time Travel that allows you to re-experience times of power, and bring them forward into your today..
  • And that allows you to rearrange the patterns, situations, and memories of the past – so that what may have in fact happened as a disempowering event, can now be "re-arranged" electrically so that you simply draw the needed lesson, and charge the impulse to power.

An engineering marvel!

Now, if I didn't respect your intelligence, I wouldn't share all these insider secrets with you.

On the other hand, getting wealthy is all about awareness, it's all about knowing and acting on things the common people can't access

Creative Mixes Train Your SubConsciou$ Mind

Look at some of these sounds that are creatively mixed into your Quantum Mind Training sessions!

You might look at the small sampling that follows and ask what these sounds and effects have to do with repatterning you to be a no-holds barred, special agent, wealth, blessing, and prosperity magnet.

The answer is, they have everything to do with it! It would be like trying to pull the spices out of a plate prepared with them during the cooking. You can't do it!

Feel assured, just as you want it, based on decades of scientific research and testing…

The messages associated with these sounds and effects have a direct impact on your subconscious wealth radar and acquisition muscles!

This is the realm of Mike Gardiner's genius… And YOUR direct wealth benefit!

As you listen to these audios, at different times you'll hear stunning triggers that Mike has engineered into the program… All to make you go deeper into state, to make you wealthy!

  • Dynamic variation of the 3 therapists on the audio
  • An infant laughing
  • Sparkling water trickling down a rippling brook
  • The change of speakers at strategic points to target left and right brain hemispheres…
  • One set of affirmations spoken in the right ear, another spoken in the left, alternating the male-female, yin-yang hemispheres…
  • The sound thrower delights and engages the subconscious mind, rotating the sound, throwing it around the periphery of your awareness, seducing you deeper into holo-repatterning
  • Waves rolling up the beach inducing deep relaxation…
  • Whispers, reverbs, echoes foster spectacular points of change!
  • The spring call of morning birds shown to stimulate physical rejuvenation …
  • You are led up and down the brainwave frequency levels – gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta – so that you GET it.

    • This is in contrast to most other programs, in that they take you only into alpha AND THEY HOLD YOU THERE!!
  • A specific frequency of crickets that effects the brain stem and helps change your belief systems …
  • The audible compression of the pulsing of the sun which acts to strengthen the powers of your corpus callosum…
  • The audible compression of various "sounds" from space induce connection with universal intelligence and your own higher consciousness…
  • A mother's heartbeat in the womb which awakens your deep primal brain to new information…
  • The songs of whales and dolphins engage your emotions and your higher consciousness...
  • The sounds of evening frogs which stimulates the human immune system...
  • Chimes – chimes with deep tones, resonating chords of your very soul it seems…
  • The chants of Tibetan Monks and bells which are known to stimulate quantum shifts in your perception of reality…
  • The loud flapping of a butterfly's wings

And there's a whole lot more!

Here's your chance to exercise your power of specialized knowledge… You yourself don't have to have the exact specialized knowledge that Ted Ciuba and Mike Gardiner have to render the program…

You just use it to get rich.

This system works as well, by the way, in small group therapy as it does with an individual.

The greatest limitation is sound quality, and, while it's very easy to get good sound quality with headphones, once the speakers and the atmosphere and the ambient sounds and the distance from the sound source, etc, get mixed in, the susbconscious subtleties that make Quantum Mind Training so incredibly powerful can be lost.

In small groups with a good sound system, we've received amazing results.

We had a small group of eight in our offices who, in debrief after the experience, brainstormed a couple minutes on the "effects" they could remember… Much better exercise, by the way in a group. 🙂

There's so many things going on in these sessions… Without destroying the multiple layers of joy in discovery on your own, here's a few things you'll note, none of which you find in a typical "meditation" audio.

Nothing exists like Quantum Mind Training, and voice and music alone don't begin to touch on the complexity and sophistication of this transformative new technology.

Engaging, repatterning, reprogramming things like…

The relaxing repositioning process begins and interweaves with state inducing music

Ocean waves roll in primal attunement

Word compression that engages the subconscious mind…

The transformative technique of "recall, intensify and transfer" takes YOUR OWN feelings, and amplifies and links them to your definite chief aim – so you feel the passion that drives you to pursue your definite chief aim.

The presumptive neuro linguistic programming (NLP) technique, "as you breath deeply, with each breath that feeling expands," that fosters the warm feelings of sunshine in your blood

Compressed cosmic waves align you to Natural Law at sublime levels

Precisely tuned affirmations speak directly to your subconscious…

Male and female voices weaving between the 2 tracks engage, balance, and integrate "whole-brain thinking", priming you for the quantum leap!

"First person" affirmations: (eg, "I am engaged! I am contributing!") trigger autonomic acceptance of suggestions…

"Second person" affirmations (eg, "you are engaged! You are contributing.") seals the affirmation with 3rd party confirmation…

An enchanting "female" voice connects you with your loving, nurturing yin genes, so you feel "full" to "go out into the world"…

Laced with a barely, "subaudible" "male" voice balancing out the yang, completing the circle for rapid change

The calls of dolphins and whales engage your emotions and open your higher consciousness…

 They etch electrical circuits in your corpus callosum so you ONLY notice the things that fast track you to wealth…

Non necessary items fade into nothingness nowhere…

While a "primary" track runs… talking to you in trance… there's another level running even deeper, planting positive suggestions directly into your uncritical mind……

Verbal-tonal variety fosters your assimilation of the wealth message, so riches come natural to your point-of-view

Presumptive closing strategy. "WHEN you find yourself in love…" indicates not "if", but WHEN, which your subconscious assimilates non-resistently as NOW… Which attaches to the contribution you are making to receive the reward you seek…

Passionate, loving, energetic, vibrant, intense feelings associate with your definite chief aim so "it consumes your waking thoughts!!" So "You dream about it!"

Strategic voice distortion entertains and entrances your subconscious into deep states of delta so it accepts the positive suggestions you give it…

The creaking of the universe on its joints signals your response in quiet moments as you change the foundations of your world!


"Let Me Count The Good Things Quantum Mind Training Does For You"

    We can put it in real simple language here…

     This highly advanced neural repatterning system dives to the depths of your subconscious, at the delta level where you connect with the HoloCosm, and reprograms you according to The New Think and Grow Rich to have and express the attitudes, strategies, and skills of the productive and wealthy.

It facilitates a complete rewiring, re-structuring of your subconscious programs pertaining to wealth, money, and abundance.

There's so many incredible things this magic program has in store for you, but to name a few…

As you enter into Quantum Mind Training

  • You stoke the passion for the goals you choose and the means of accomplishment!
  • You develop unwavering focus – stronger and more intense than sunlight focused through the lens of a magnifying glass! With this imperial focus, accomplishing your monetary goals becomes easy!

Imagine the advantage you'll have over the normal "scattered" types who sheeple the planet!

Truly, as Henry David Thoreau says, you discover the secret to…

"Live with the license of a higher order of beings".

  • You flip the switch and charge your energies so you become a beacon of electro-magnetic attraction – so people come to you begging buy your offers!
  • You connect with your Higher Self and absolutely discover the mission you were put on Earth to fulfill – and the business vehicle to fulfill it!

    • The "out-of-body" experiences you enjoy take you to meet your own God self…

This is the zone of non-ordinary reality and the subconscious mind …


So that the impressions you receive and the decisions you make – how to set, expand, and advance on your economic goals – are inspired from your highest self, and therefore trustworthy.



  • You develop that higher level of faith, so you go after your pursuits with the passion of KNOWING they will be fulfilled!
  • Which also tritters the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Law of Attraction!
  • You are hypnotized to succeed, you review your goals daily – so you always run with white hot feet toward your achievements!
  • You develop present-tense images of achievement that inspire you to go the un-crowded extra mile!
  • You discover how to load and trigger the Law of Attraction so you can "pick and choose" what you want to have happen financially, and it comes to pass!
  • You develop your own "post-hypnotic commands" to ensure your images of achievement dominate your thoughts and inspire you to action!
  • Changing your vibratory frequency, you send out the electro-magnetic charge to impulse the Law of Attraction!
  • You develop 8 different subconscious maneuvers to trigger the "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" and the Law of Attraction.

After listening to Quantum Mind Training you…

  • Sell more, perform better, make decisions, maintain focus, live a fuller life, believe in yourself, and tap into your hidden potential!
  • Be positive all the time, turn every event – even economic threat – into advantage…
  • Actualize the mind-environment connection so that you manifest without effort the images you form in your mind
  • Cause the quantum leap, making your life an adventure rather than boring maintenance.
  • Accomplish more in the next 9 months than you've done in the past 20 years!
  • Understand all people better, and enhance your relationships.

  • Develop your broadcasting and receiving station to consciously work the law of attraction so whatever you seek is seeking you!
  • Decide on and churn your definite chief purpose in life into a consuming obsession!

  • Design, create, and install absolute positive unbreakable positive addictions, patterns, and relationships so you always have the "discipline" to perform!

  • Become more sensitive and intuitive in all situations, not just business situations…

Oh, and another thing…

Those answers you've been asking for?

They come to you in these sessions…

Yes, starting immediately, you become a highly empowered person…

  • You stimulate the release of endorphins so you enjoy a natural high which makes your work fluid
  • You pump up your level of energy, so that you jump like a Jaguar leaping away on all 16 cylinders!
  • You discover how to harness the relativity of time to accomplish 10-times more in 20% less time! This is that fabled state of flow scientists, artists, writers and musicians speak of, what world-class athletes call being "in the zone".
  • You discover how to relax on cue – this is a valuable asset that allows you to always act from your top energy set.

But more importantly, because the state is closely related to meditation – it allows you to tune into Cosmic aid at any time on command.

No wonder your powers appear magical!

  • You slow or actually reverse the aging process!

        That's right, as you engage these sessions, studies have shown that at least 3 hormones related to longevity, stress, and feelings of well-being are affected: DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin.


        Reduced DHEA levels improves the functioning of your immune system…

        Cortisol is the "evil" stress hormone; cortisol levels drop, your life becomes easier…

        And increased levels of melatonin help you sleep better, which nourishes every system and function of the body!

        So… While "wealth", not "health" is the focus of this program, health comes in hand!

        You feel a healthy "natural high" every time you tune in!

  • You develop a new attitude in which you dash seeming "obstacles" off to the side with your power vision that doesn't even see "obstacles"!
  • You develop a new attitude in which you dash seeming "obstacles" off to the side with your power vision that doesn't even see "obstacles"!
  • You install The New Think and Grow Rich principles and philosophy in you at a subconscious level so you gallop forward effortlessly to the attainment of your definite chief aim in life…
  • You create new thoughts, new patterns, new behaviors, and new actions that lead you toward the life of your dreams and realizing your desires into reality.

As if that wasn't enough, you discover!…

  • How to pack enough magic in a single powerful impulse of thought to make a multi-million dollar career!

  • How even starting dumb and broke need present no obstacle, if you add this ONE characteristic to your desire

  • How to master the While it’s essential, it’s not essential for YOU” paradox

  • How to meditate in such a way that you move the HoloCosm to your aid

  • How to amp up your dreams to gargantuan proportions – which makes achieving them as difficult as skating down an incline with well greased skates

  • How to "turn the tables" on life – instead of accepting what you "think" life is up to giving you, become a "causative agent".

You experience and learn 4 major "instant change" technologies

  • How to know you’re doing the right thing even before you even know what the right thing is!

  • How to enter into "flow" on command!…

That magical, six-foot tall and bullet-proof place in which you connect with all the Universe, lose awareness of time, and make exceedingly rapid progress toward your definite chief aim

  • How to break through the clutter, crap, business, and family obligations and get on to making BIG money quickly!

  • How to put yourself outside your comfort zone to step onto higher ground!

  • How to enlist the aid of the Universe through the unseen connections brought forth in synchronicity

  • How to develop the "seer's certainty", knowing in advance what will happen!
  • How to trigger synchronicity, serendipity, and intuition… …just when you need it! 🙂
  • How to wake every morning jazzed and charging into the glorious day!
  • How to share your gifts with others to add value to their lives!

Positive Programming "Generalizes" To Other Parts Of Your Life Because It's Electrical

Get ready for it!…

When you tune into the quantum dimensions, through your central nervous system, of course, everything in your experience improves.

How could it be otherwise? All things are connected!

It's about a whole lot more than just the money!

Money is only one of the myriad ways your can turn the searchlight of your awareness and manifestation toward…

You get a whole load of companion results that reduce stress, improve your quality of life, and make the money-making game more fun. 

Hey, you can't go through an advanced treatment like this and not have increased energy, mental stamina, better concentration, improved health, higher levels of productivity, and self-confidence… This is equivalent to none other than reversing the aging process!

Just as…

  You cannot learn a foreign language without becoming more culturally sensitive

  You cannot learn to play the guitar without enhancing your understanding and appreciation of music across the board

  You cannot visit the gym 3 times a week to build your muscles without improving your overall health, agility, and trimness…

In the same way…

  You cannot engage your wealth-building powers without enhancing your overall quality of life and contribution.

    Abraham Maslow was the first to define that optimal state as actualization.

    That's why so many who achieve the million dollar mark encourage you to earn a million, "to become the person it forces you to become"…


You now know everything you need to know about Quantum Mind Training

Remember, your actions are a result of your thoughts, and your results in life are a result of your actions.

Change your thinking, change your life!

Imagine how much more you can accomplish when you say,

"I feel the power and focus growing stronger everyday!"

Buy now!

Introductory Trial Offer

Yes, I want the introductory trial offer now!

Only $1.97

I understand I have 10 full days to decide whether I want to continue with the balance of the amazing Quantum Mind Training System or not, but either way, I get to keep everything I trial – 15% of entire system for 1/2 of 1% the normal investment!

And there's a whole lot more!

So far we've only just explored some of the background you need to understand, and therefore to believe, the mystery marvels of what's possible if you'll expand your thinking. There's a whole lot more to learn about neural repatterning.

You want to know more, don't you, about how to effectively expand your thinking? Because that would give you the magical power to actually create the situations and conditions you desire by the advanced application of your mind. You might discover – never realizing before that until you were in the right psyche, you could never "see" it – the secret.

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