Mind-Environment Connection

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

"Health, Relationships & Riches Come To And Through A Mind Properly Programmed To Attract Them"

Since the Middle Ages scientists have taught the mature human brain never grows new cells

They've discovered they were wrong, and now talk excitedly about neural repatterning

Turns out the brain does respond to purposeful, participative, enjoyable neuro-stimulation

And, today, breakthroughs in the sophisticated sound labs of QueensLand, Australia make affordable this advanced technology that guides you to:

  • Completely change your life
  • Cause your own professional and personal quantum leap
  • Unleash your inner powers to achieve
  • Move with complete self-confidence!
  • Cut free from the rat race!
  • Pay off your debts!
  • Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Find and live your purpose
  • Eliminate stress
  • Find fulfillment
  • Make a contribution
  • And much, much more

Hi Friend,

If you've ever longed for economic security in an unstable, competitive world, then this could be the most  important message you've ever read!

Some people have even forgotten it could happen, yet…

How great would you feel if you discovered a way to quickly and easily experience an authentic, lasting quantum leap in your achievement power?

What if you really could step aside from the worry and fear and make all your dreams come true?!

We're going to the next level right now, because you CAN make all your dreams come true, and you can dream bigger dreams than you've dared to dream, on top of it all!

You're going to discover what it is, how it works, and how you can get some of it for yourself.

And the same process that fosters the powerful thinking that attracts money attracts healthy, productive relationships and every other desirable thing you might choose to aim for.

You want more success and fulfillment. You want it now. 

Question… Have you ever "thought" something was difficult, until you learned how to do it?

Acquiring wealth, or any other worthy pursuit, is like that. You haven't been taught how, therefore your "thought" is that it's an exclusive club.

But you can have it all. Today. If only you learn how to change your mind…

Quantum Mind Training!

Is unique in TWO powerful ways:

Quantum Mind Training is the only neural repatterning system in the world…

  1. Based on the proven principles of The New Think and Grow Rich
  2. Using the cutting edge neurosynergist sound technology®

This literally makes getting wealthy, healthy, loving and wise as easy and as certain as it could ever get!

Hang on… I don't expect you to believe me, so I'll offer plenty of proof.

And, did you know?…

Riches Are A Result

The message is as simple as it is profound. Riches are a result.g-tntagr-quantumver-front-display

Riches, personal wealth, and accomplishment don't come to a person because he or she is fortunate or talented.

Riches, personal wealth, and accomplishment in any field come to people who do what it takes to manifest it.

Quite literally…

The dominating thoughts occupying your mind determine how you feel, which determines how you approach things and the vibes you emit, which determines, by the natural outworking of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Law of Attraction, the results you get in your life.

This is nothing new. Though it took science a few millennia to catch up, because they had to "prove" it with controlled experiments, etc, mystics have taught this from the mists of time.

The recent blockbuster, The Secret, labeled it the "Law of Attraction". I prefer how Cambridge University identifies it, as the…

"Mind-Environment Connection"

And just as the now commonsense conception of the "mind-body" connection was scoffed at for years, the "mind-environment" connection is now coming into popular acceptance.

It makes it all sound simple:

Discover and think the kind of thoughts the rich think. Discover and think them in the same way, with the same qualities, and in a matter of outworking, you end up rich.

If you're not rich – or getting rich – now, all you need to do is change your subconscious programming around money.

Ironically, it IS that simple… Just as if you discover and think the kind of thoughts the healthy think, discover and think them in the same way, with the same qualities, in a matter of outworking, you end up healthy.

Change your mind, change your life.

This simple concept, provided you can find a way to repattern the grooves that have been etched in your psyche at the hidden subconscious levels, is the "open sesame" to wealth and the fulfillment you seek in any domain, the simple combination that unlocks the door…

Two things kick in… 1) The "self-fulfilling prophecy" and 2) The "mind-environment" connection (the Law of Attraction).

Who Did You Receive Your Early Financial Training From?

The thing that complicates it is, unless you're rich, that you're already trained in unproductive ways…

That's right… It's "simple," but unless you use the new, cutting-edge neurosynergist sound technology, it's not so "easy".

The problem is, since your thinking happens from the subconscious level, you use the usually inferior subconscious wealth gestalts you picked up from the programs you've acquired, usually through your parents, churches, schools, and peers, usually prior to age 7, to guide your conscious reasoning mind.

Worse than that… Though age 7 is generally called "the age of reason", psychologists agree that MOST of the programming that directs your thinking was etched in your neural structure by the age of 2!

That begs the question… Who did you receive your early financial imprints from?…

Were they rich?…

I rest my case.

You Create Your Own Reality By The Thoughts You Foster In Your Head

Perhaps you've heard the expression, "You are your own worst enemy." It's true if you're thinking thoughts laced with limitation and lack.

And if you are, it's highly likely you don't know how to do otherwise, or you would.

On the other hand, if you can crack the code, then you acquire the power to assert control of your mind, to think the positive, empowering thoughts of the rich, and to convert your thoughts into harmonic electromagnets that unerringly drive you to the success you envision at the same time it attracts that success to you.

That's using your willing and capable mind as your ally.

Human history affords ample proof it's been a very hard thing to do.

And those who succeed on a massive scale DO think differently.

They intend to succeed. It's that simple. They feel like the belong where they go. It's that lengthy. They don't doubt it will happen to them, that they'll get frustrated, or that it might not work out.

It's a rough world out there. Stastistically, most people DO fail. You know what? The odds don't matter to the achiever.

The odds are made up considering "all" cases. There are reasons why the majority of human individuals fail – and the capable aren't playing the same game.

There is a way to make that change, permanently, and the process enjoyable…

You are about to experience a neural repatterning process based on The New Think and Grow Rich, guided by words, music, sounds, effects, timing…

Of a thousand and one technological subconscious marvels combined with the sophisticated permissive change technology styled by the leading NLP practitioner, Dr Milton Erickson.

It's all yours…

Triggering The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy And The Law Of Attraction

The self-fulfilling prophecy aspect of creating reality is easy to understand, even for the Western mind steeped in the Newtonian physics of the last several hundred years.

Simply stated… Because you believe you will succeed, you then DO the things necessary to succeed, with the volition and energy that's required, and sure enough, you create the results you believed you would.

Somebody else, who didn't believe, never took the appropriate actions with the right spirit, and, of course, didn't get those results.

The Law of Attraction, however, is a horse of a different color to most people. Of course, it's a major part of what we teach and activate in Quantum Mind Training. The Law of Attraction affirms that the human consciousness connects with the things it holds in mind with belief and will, and attracts them to themselves.

For instance, there's another page on this site you'll visit related to the firewalk. When you stroll across a bed of coals that have been scientifically measured at 1,800 degrees, you're witnessing the effect of human consciousness.

Can intending to walk safely change the outcome of the well deserved saying, "Fire burns"?

Apparently so.

And this applies directly to acquiring riches, or, as we more properly define it, any thing you as an individual value as enhancing your quality of life and contribution. This includes learning a new language, getting a degree, and all the other things, as well as the larger, over-arching "riches," such as your definite chief aim in life.

Remember, it's think and grow rich.

The think part is cause.

The grow rich part is effect.

When you think you can, incredible powers that defy "normal" human reality open up, and you successfully walk across fire.

You can learn to think and open up incredible powers defying normal reality, and grow rich, too.

Just as easily.

In spite of the fact that everyone knows it can't be done.

  • If there is a mind-environment connection related to the fire, can it be limited only to fire?

Doesn't it make sense that what Napoleon Hill, Ted Ciuba, Rhonda Byrne, Earl Nightengale, Deepak Chopra, and Tolly Burkan, among countless others, have been saying is true?

Michael Sky, a firewalker, say it superbly in Dancing With The Fire,,,

"People walk on fire as a way of graphically demonstrating…. that the human spirit can and does play a causative role in such change and re-creation."

"This does not mean simply that we create change through our deeds and actions [self-fulfilling prophecy], but that, in fact, we contribute to the ongoing creation of reality through the special medium of human consciousness. It means that our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds matter…. that our inner worlds are influential in the manifestation of external reality."

The thoughts, intentions, and wills you hold in mind – and not just "wish" for, but intend – determine the experience you receive.

We're not talking about the firewalk here….

  • We're talking about the "mind-environment connection" which allows the intentful wealth seeker to experience success in the same way the more graphically illustrated, more scientifically accountably methods documented by firewalkers do…

This is the quantum realm the Quantum Mind Training neurorepattering system takes you to.

And there's a whole lot more!

So far we've only just explored some of the background you need to understand, and therefore to believe, the mystery marvels of what's possible if you'll expand your thinking. There's a whole lot more to learn about neural repatterning.

You want to know more, don't you? about how to effectively expand your thinking. Because that would give you the magical power to actually create the situations and conditions you desire by the advanced application of your mind. You might discover – never realizing it before – that until you were in the right place in your head, you could never "see" it. That's why it's secret.

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